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Ways to help your children develop self-esteem and confidence

Self-esteem and confidence are major traits in individuals that affect their success. While these are a lifelong process, the foundation of it needs to be established in early childhood. Building self-esteem will allow the child to deal with difficult situations that they will encounter during their lifetime. Since parents have the greatest influence on a child’s belief, it is important for them to let their child know where they belong, how well they are doing and contribute towards developing confidence and self-esteem.

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Tips & Tricks for the Holidays!

Experienced Clinical Staff at Applied Behavioral Associates, LLC can help you plan for the Holidays! This time of year can be stressful for everyone. Whether you are traveling to visit others or hosting at your house, stress levels may run high, or even higher for families and children with special needs who may have greater incidence of challenging behaviors surrounding changes in routines. These proactive strategies may help increase chances of success for your child and the entire family:

1. Make a plan to help children react appropriately in unexpected situations. Ask your BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) for suggestions as to how to handle difficult situations that may occur. A tantrum at a rest stop. A plan with your family members and guests for how to respond or communicate. A planned location for your child to take a break if overwhelmed.
2. Create a Visual/Written Schedule for each step of your trip. This may be helpful as pre-alerts to an upcoming expectation and prevent being overwhelmed. Details of the trip may provide certainty and comfort. Although creating a schedule does take some time, it may also prevent challenging behaviors surrounding unknown events.
3. Novel Activities: Consider investing in new games, books, apps, or toys. Their novelty may be enough to help engage your child for the Holidays.
4. Offer Choices during the holidays, since your child likely won’t have much control over your family plan. Offer choices whenever possible, and only if both options are really feasible (not — “we are going home if you don’t’ stop crying” on the way to Maine!). You may offer choices surrounding food, activities and timing for when you might do an activity. Giving some “choice and control” really helps children manage better overall.
5. Praise Good Behavior: Catch your child being good throughout the day and tell them how proud you are! Give your child attention for sitting quietly, engaging in activities, or playing with others.

Our Clinical Staff at Applied Behavioral Associates, LLC would love to help you plan for your Holiday events and help your child be successful! Please feel free to contact us!

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Laura Dimmick, MEd


ABA Just Works!

Throughout my years studying Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) there are have been several different methods of therapy that I have encountered. Growing up it was my impression that ABA was only Discreet Trial Training (DTT), or in simpler terms, a therapist sitting across from a child and teaching a certain skill over and over. Although I have done this form of therapy, this is not the only strategy of ABA that I have experienced.

ABA is the most recommended form of treatment options for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Even though there is research that supports ABA treatments, some still have reservations about ABA therapy and may choose a different treatment path. ABA therapy is a growing field with new research and strategies being developed each year.

Although some may still seem hesitant about the benefits of ABA, I have seen tremendous changes in the quality of life for so many children. For example, I was working with 3 year old twins who were quite opposite in their behaviors. The boy was an aggressive, high energy, child who barely formed full sentences. His sister was non-communicative, quiet, and disinterested in any social interactions. After just 1 month of intensive ABA services, I was amazed to see the progress of both children. They had begun to form full sentences in social situations and the aggression had drastically decreased to near zero levels. They were capable of playing independently for the first time with less constant supervision and support for problem behaviors.

It was beyond amazing to experience such significant changes and improvements in a limited time period. The support of the parents and the follow through of the recommended ABA strategies was crucial to the growth of both children during this process. ABA strategies can easily be integrated into everyday family life.

ABA just works!



Get the most out of your child’s school day!

There are many issues that may create barriers to a child’s successful educational experience. If a child has a wide range of possible difficulties in such areas as attention, fine motor, socialization, language or executive functioning, the educational environment can become very challenging and frustrating.  They can in turn result in related behavior problems in social relationships, success in school, and their health.

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Develop effective skills.

Building blocks toward effective parenting and teaching.
Our professional staff are available to provide Professional Development Workshops to promote increased effective skills and strategies in ABA, differential diagnoses, child management, teaching and parenting. Workshops are individualized to meet the needs of varied participants, including physicians, professionals, school, after school and daycare program staff. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Tips & Tricks for the Holidays!

Experienced Clinical Staff at Applied Behavioral Associates, LLC can help you plan for the Holidays! This time of year can …

ABA Just Works!

Throughout my years studying Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) there are have been several different methods of therapy that …


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