These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of how we provide behavioral services.

What Behavioral Services are Provided?

Clinical staff of Applied Behavioral Associates, LLC provide a range of behavioral services for children and their families in office, home and community settings.   In all cases, behavioral interventions and treatment are individualized to address specific skills and needs of each child and their family.  Collaboration with other professionals and schools involved in a child's care and education is provided to help with the consistency of interventions and treatment plans. Parent training is an integral component of behavioral services such that recommendations can be implemented throughout the child's daily routines and activities.


Who Can Benefit from Behavioral Services?

A Licensed and Certified Therapist will work individually with each child and their parents.  Outpatient services are available for most children presenting with adjustment, social, communication, behavioral or mood issues, or who may have learning and/or behavioral challenges. .  ABA intensive services are provided in the home and community for children with Autism.  Parent training and family implementation of treatment plans is key to the success of behavioral interventions.

Children of all ages are treated in our program including:

    • Birth to 3 (coordinated with other Early Intervention Services)
    • Preschool (ages 3 to 5)
    • Elementary School
    • Middle and High School


What Behaviors are Targeted for Treatment?

Children may be challenging at times and present with a range of issues beyond age-appropriate expectations that many parents find difficult to manage.  The following behaviors or skill deficits may contribute to a child's management difficulties:

    • Protests/tantrums
    • Challenging/aggressive/disruptive behaviors
    • Dysregulation of mood and behavior
    • Play and leisure skills
    • Imitation, attention and organizational skills
    • Functional communication skills
    • Social communication deficits
    • Adaptive living/self-help skills
    • Compliance
    • Personal safety
    • Independence in daily routines
    • Managing stereotypies
    • Anti-social behaviors
    • Community inclusion



What is the Home-Based Program?

BCBA/BCaBA staff of Applied Behavioral Associates, LLC supervise intensive ABA home-based services for children with Autism that focuses on goal areas encompassing the full range of a child’s emerging skills and daily routine, and teaching functional and adaptive skills. The program is based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) recommended as the best empirically-based treatment for children with Autism and other disabilities through direct home/community based teaching. Para-professionals provide direct 1:1 ABA services to children and their families and receive ongoing clinical supervision and training by a BCBA/BCaBA Supervisor. Parent training and collaboration with other members of the educational and professional team helps ensure treatment gains and generalization of skills.

Where are services provided?

All services are provided in home, office, or community settings. All treatment programs are individualized to meet the developmental, cognitive, social and behavioral needs of each child. Note that academic tutoring of specific IEP educational goals are not addressed directly in home-based programs.

What are the Fees?

Services are provided and reimbursable by insurance depending on coverage and benefits, contract or self-pay basis. To inquire about services or to make referrals please contact us by phone or email.

Who Can Benefit from our Home-Based Services?

Home and community-based services are provided to families and their children with Autism and other intellectual disabilities who may have learning and/or behavioral challenges. Parent training and family implementation of behavior intervention plans is key to the success of home interventions.

Our program services children under 21 with Autism who may be eligible to receive ABA Home and Community-based Services.  Certain restrictions may apply if there extenuating circumstances involving severe challenging behaviors since we only provide 1:1 staffing.

How do I make an appointment? 

You may call the Main office and speak to the Receptionist.  We will take your contact and registration information and verify your insurance and benefits for coverage of behavioral services.  A clinician will contact  you to arrange for your first intake parent conference based on their availability at the time of your referral.  A child visit is then scheduled to begin for either outpatient or intensive ABA home-based services.

Do you Accept Insurance?

Private Insurance is accepted for Outpatient Behavioral Health as well as ABA Autism Home-based services depending on coverage and benefits.  Co-pays, co-insurance or insurance deductable fees may apply.  Please contact us for more details and to verify individual coverage and benefits.

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